Mobile Email with UUCP
Subject:   UUCP in 2003... err... 2004
Date:   2004-01-09 16:12:12
From:   Trackback from anonymous2
I found the depraved rantings of a psychotic on ONLamp strangely compelling. I mean, can this insanity be real? Can UUCP be the solution for mobile email? What's next, Gopher based RSS readers? I love retro protocols, but finding a...
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  • UUCP in 2003... err... 2004
    2004-01-12 15:03:07  anonymous2 [View]

    What's wrong with old protocols ?
    They have been tested for many years :)
    IMHO most users/admins decided that they must use SMTP/POP anyway so one protocol more is a needles complication for them.
    BTW Gopher seems to be a good protocol for mobile phone display and "keyboards".
  • UUCP in 2003... err... 2004
    2004-01-09 16:44:10  jafo [View]

    Well, if it makes you feel better you could tunnel the UUCP sessions over XMLRPC. :-)

    For some people, the jury is still out as far as my psychoses, but the fact remains that I've had super stable e-mail for a solid 4 years, no matter if I'm at home, the coffee shop, or at the airport. It just works.