Adding Movies to Your Web Page
Subject:   Please focus on mpg instead of mov
Date:   2004-01-08 02:28:08
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Please focus on mpg instead of mov

This is actually a valid argument. Only one of the three major players is needed to play mpg. However, because of the three formats you need all three players to view all downloaded files. Each player in turn tries to install their self as the default player. This forces the end user to manually choose the player of choice, or change the “folder options for each file type”.
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  • Please focus on mpg instead of mov
    2005-06-08 20:35:23  Hojo [View]

    Even if it is a good point it would have been far more effective if he had included a MPG version of the "Embed streaming .mov video" presented in the original article. I've spent that past hour searching for a way to do this with the MPG files I have. I'm starting to consider converting them to .mov because I've found several articles on how to stream those.....