Sony Ericsson T610 Camera Phone Review
Subject:   Phonelist memory too small
Date:   2004-01-06 22:28:48
From:   anonymous2
The T616 is a nice little phone,
but the consumer should be permitted to
choose how to "spend" the built in memory.

For example I should be able to delete all
the rings, themes, pictures, etc
and dedicate the space to the phonelist
(which seems bound and deterimed to be limited to
just over 500 entries)

I currently have >1MB of free space and
can't fit my phonelist in.


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  • Todd Ogasawara photo Phonelist memory too small
    2004-01-07 10:15:07  Todd Ogasawara | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    You bring up a really good point. Limited phone number memory is standard for non-smartphones. That is why I think that the two-device solution might be a good fit for people like you and me with large contact lists. You can use a Bluetooth enabled Pocket PC (or Palm OS box with Bluetooth) that can hold thousands of phone numbers partnered with a phone like the T610/T616. My HP iPAQ 2215 shown in the article can, for example, dial the T610/T616 right from the Pocket PC. I can tap on a phone number on the Pocket PC to initiate dialing on the T610. It is a good device partnership IMHO.