Control Your Mac with Your PDA
Subject:   It's been done already...
Date:   2004-01-06 17:54:45
From:   anonymous2
... by Brad Myers' Pebbles project at CMU.

Oh, and this means it was on Windows first...

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  • It's been done already...
    2004-01-07 06:36:20  micampe [View]

    Pointless trolling aside, do you know of something similar wich works with SonyEricsson mobiles as SallingClicker does?

    I'm an happy Mac user, but some of my friends aren't and they asked when they saw SallingClicker in action
  • It's been done already...
    2004-01-07 04:11:25  bazzargh [View]

    I know I'm just responding to a bit of one-upmanship here, but I checked - and you're actually wrong, by 11 days.

    Pebbles had a whole bunch of other great features over IR, serial and 802.11, but didn't have bluetooth support until pre-release 5.1 in June 2002 (from Pebbles' release notes.)

    Bluetooth support appeared in the original clicker (then called the Ericsson client) in release 1.0.0b3, on 20 May 2002 (from announcement on the Clicker forum.)