Panther Internet Sharing
Subject:   Airport Sharing worked in Jaguar, broke in Panther
Date:   2004-01-05 13:10:13
From:   germuska
Given that I've found this article, I'm assuming my problem is local, but since I'm casting about, I figure I'll see if anyone has info...

I was happily sharing my internet connection from my tower (a 400MHz G4) to my laptop (1GHz 17" Powerbook) when I had Jaguar installed on both, and continued to share with no problems after upgrading the laptop to Panther. However, since I upgraded the tower to Panther, I now have serious problems when I turn on Internet sharing over Airport. When I turn it on, my ethernet TCP/IP connection drops, and I can't even get it back by turning off internet sharing. I have to reboot the machine to get it back.

Any troubleshooting hints greatly appreciated...

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  • Airport Sharing worked in Jaguar, broke in Panther
    2004-01-21 09:16:54  mrkook [View]

    Have you installed any anti spyware products like little snitch? That was breaking my natd stuff without alerting me to the fact. I got some clues in the console log:
    Jan 21 11:44:38 superComputerRobot natd[6164]: failed to write packet back (No route to host)
    Jan 21 11:45:09 superComputerRobot last message repeated 11 times

    You can get to that via the system profiler: apple menu>about this mac>more info> logs

    that might give you some clues
    • Airport Sharing worked in Jaguar, broke in Panther
      2005-06-25 19:55:12  HateMachine [View]

      i am having that same problem exactly but when i ran the little snitch uninstaller it kp'ed my computer i thought i had it completely uninstalled but i'm still having the same console errors and unable to share a connection. have any advise?