Object Caching in a Web Portal Application Using JCS
Subject:   Jakarta Turbine JCS
Date:   2004-01-05 06:10:31
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Jakarta Turbine JCS

What is the status of the Turbine JCS project? It's now part of Torque, but all docs still point to the page (which is completely outdated apparently) and not to the page.

Also, the JCS jar is indeed included in the Torque download, as you mention. However, I can't find the source code anywhere on the Apache site.

Is all this confusion temporary or is JCS being fased out as a project?


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  • Jakarta Turbine JCS
    2004-01-07 17:15:18  anonymous2 [View]

    JCS is not being phased out. There is some debate about where it should be. Right now it is a subproject of Turbine. It is completely standalone, not dependent on Turbine or Torque. The best thing to do is to check out the JCS project and build it.

    Aaron Smuts
    • Jakarta Turbine JCS
      2006-02-17 17:32:11  asmuts [View]

      There is a new getting started guide for JCS:
    • Jakarta Turbine JCS
      2004-05-20 15:04:32  zjchen98 [View]

      I I can't find the link to download Java Caching System (JCS) at Jakata site. I downloaded Turbine, but can't find JCS classes such as: org.apache.stratum.jcs.JCS;

      1. Is JCS moved to other project?
      2. What is its status?
      3. Any experience to share?