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  Enhancing ASP.NET Pages with JavaScript
Subject:   JavaScript for other ASP.NET
Date:   2004-01-03 16:33:08
From:   anonymous2
Great job!
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  • JavaScript for other ASP.NET
    2006-01-26 10:22:21  cbran [View]

    I copied and pasted your example to open a window, and received error: string constants must end with a double quote.
    The pop_window routine is called from an asp:button.
    Here is your example:
    Sub pop_window(Sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
    Dim popupScript As String = "<script language='javascript'>" & _
    "window.open('PopUp.aspx', 'CustomPopUp', " & _
    "'width=200, height=200, menubar=yes, resizable=no')" & _

    Page.RegisterStartupScript("PopupScript", popupScript)
    End Sub
    • JavaScript for other ASP.NET
      2006-06-08 09:40:10  SU [View]

      Did you happen to resolve this issue. I am also getting the same error.

      If you know what the cause and how to resolve this please share with me. Thanks in advance
    • JavaScript for other ASP.NET
      2006-02-06 02:40:35  mohanramkumar [View]

      Hi this is mohan from photoninfotech.I am basically an mechanical engg i completed in 2005 and directly came to s/w field and now i am doing small tasks .I have a small problem with this i need some help from u,here i am using the javascript for coding and my question is

      Actually i created a 3types of fileds
      now the problem is that all these 3fields are in the same web page,what i required is i need to have the 3fields in another page like the login page i tried it using the pannel,tables and all but i could not get it,so can i please help me how can i get the 3fields in the same page.
      • JavaScript for other ASP.NET
        2006-02-20 10:12:49  Crist3l [View]


        ....from javascript:
        location.href("here you put the same as above");
        • JavaScript for other ASP.NET
          2007-01-21 23:16:47  samreet [View]

          Well try.......
        • JavaScript for other ASP.NET
          2006-03-25 06:38:16  javascript11 [View]

          can u please explain the code above as how it works please
          i'm in bad need to use the variable used in script in asp.dot