Securing AirPort Extreme Networks with WPA
Subject:   WPA and WDS
Date:   2003-12-29 13:43:41
From:   anonymous2
Response to: WPA and WDS

Can you cite a source for this information please? We've become quite reliant on WDS in the last few weeks and are in the planning stages of a WPA deployment. BTW, all APs here are Cisco 1230's.

Speaking of WPA, does anyone know what EAP type AirPortExtreme uses? L-EAP, EAP-TLS, PEAP, EAP-TTLS or some other? One of my engineers says EAP type, not WDS, is why we can't get Macs to WPA associate to Cisco access points.

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  • WPA and WDS
    2004-01-01 20:03:48  anonymous2 [View]

    WDS has nothing to do with WPA. WDS is used for the passing of radius to a designated access point, hence stopping the need for all access points authenticating to one radius server. WPA occurs after the user is authenticated. I know this because we're implementing wireless across our entire campus using Cisco 1230's and have already deployed them in 4 buildings. I've successfully setup WDS, with EAP-PEAP with WPA encryption and it works very well.

    I also cannot get MAC's running OS 10.3 to connect to our wireless network using WPA. According to our radius logs, the user successfully authenticates via EAP-PEAP but the WPA key process seems to fall over. Are you experiencing the same problems?
    • WPA and WDS
      2004-11-18 14:32:31  ajonessn [View]

      We're having a similar problem, only we're getting the error that the EAP authentication isn't configured for the user. How did you get Authentication to work?
    • WPA and WDS
      2004-01-28 07:31:57  bbrazell [View]

      I an yet another who can't get my Mac with OS 10.3.2 to connect to our Cisco Corp. WLAN. If we change the TKIP setting from "Cisco" to None, it works, but I thought that the Airport should support TKIP.

      I would hope that someone from Apple or Cisco would address this issue. Especially Apple, who could greatly benefit from adding more Macs to corporate environments.

      I know it hasn't been long since the previous post, but has anyone had any success?
      • WPA and WDS
        2004-08-18 10:43:55  nriley [View]

        Many months later, we're having this problem; we didn't disable TKIP to test, but I can associate with WEP networks from the same Cisco Aironet 1200 APs.

        Anyone heard anything about this? The WEP networks in this building are going away in a couple of months...
      • WPA and WDS
        2004-01-29 15:09:18  figar [View]

        My understanding is that when you turn TKIP off you're essentially turning off WPA encryption. I logged a TAC job with Cisco and they basically cannot confirm or deny the compatibility of Apple extreme clients on cisco base stations. I've also logged a job with Apple and can let you know of the outcome...