Object Caching in a Web Portal Application Using JCS
Subject:   Caching
Date:   2003-12-24 11:02:17
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Caching

Caching is part of the enterprise system architecture, not a hack.

The article fails to mention caching system in a cluster environment. More important than performance, a good enterprise system needs a central caching framework in a cluster environment to have scabilities and high-available.

Just think, can any regular DAO cache AND replicate itself to other JVMs in a cluster?

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  • Caching
    2004-01-05 00:56:23  anonymous2 [View]

    Object caching in a distributed and/or clustered environment is a different discussion stream. It is more complex architecture and may not become a thumb rule solution, as the remote objects are not performant compared to local objects. Moreover the data synchronisation, security also need to be addressed.I found this article good as it really depicts the good picture for the per-JVM caching framework.
  • Caching
    2003-12-29 19:52:18  srinip [View]

    You bring up a good point. I briefly mentioned about caching in a cluster environment in the article but didn't address the issue in detail. I agree with you that a scalable and H/A enterprise system definitely needs a well defined distributed caching framework. I will be testing my caching framework in a clustered env very soon. I will share my findings in a follow-up article. Thanks for your feedback.