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  Object Caching in a Web Portal Application Using JCS
Subject:   Caching
Date:   2003-12-24 04:20:28
From:   anonymous2
Of course this is a bit of a hack.
Some people use MVC.

In MVC, the data caching is in the model.
If you also use a DAO, most have auto caching and auto flushing. For example iBatis and Hibrenate, so you just declare it.

To put caching of data in the other layer is not MVC.
Cekvenich_Vic at

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  • Caching
    2003-12-29 19:46:53  srinip [View]

    Hi Vic,
    We are not using a OR tool (such as Hibernate) in this app and we have some legacy code (with JDBC calls) where we were hitting DB every time just to display lookup data. So we needed a way to cache data on the servlet container to optimize DB calls. Also, I think Hibernate uses JCS for its caching needs.
  • Caching
    2003-12-24 11:02:17  anonymous2 [View]

    Caching is part of the enterprise system architecture, not a hack.

    The article fails to mention caching system in a cluster environment. More important than performance, a good enterprise system needs a central caching framework in a cluster environment to have scabilities and high-available.

    Just think, can any regular DAO cache AND replicate itself to other JVMs in a cluster?