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  Securing AirPort Extreme Networks with WPA
Subject:   Don't trust the network
Date:   2003-12-23 11:36:39
From:   acdha
"One thing to note about the use of WPA is that it greatly reduces the ability of people to eavesdrop on your wireless conversations. In security terms, it means the integrity of your wireless packets is protected."

It's extremely important to remember that packets are only protected on the wireless network - once they head onto the general internet they're completely insecure again. If you're entering anything you wouldn't want to become public you should be using SSL, SSH or another protocol with strong encryption. As a bonus, your wireless network setup becomes much easier since you can treat it just like the internet.

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  • Don't trust the network
    2004-04-24 09:23:23  BuckeyeBandit [View]

    So what I'm hearing is that it's not secure to do financial transactions over the Internet even with WPA. I'm a Mac User running Panther. Any way I can use AirPort Extreme with secure transactions over the Internet?
    • Don't trust the network
      2004-11-09 08:01:12  j450n [View]

      Any financial transactions through the internat should be executed on a SSL secured website (HTTPS://*) using a secure browser like Mozilla or Firefox. IE might be acceptable if properly upgraded, patched and secured. SSL encrypts packets end-to-end (wired and wireless), so it is safe.