Panther Maintenance Tips
Subject:   Panther Maintenance Tips
Date:   2003-12-23 08:07:23
From:   cselkirk
Response to: Panther Maintenance Tips

Whitespace is allowed in any place on the line (that includes after and between command options parameters), the only exclusion to this rule is within filenames (which would need to be either quoted or the space escaped). The following are functionally identical:

ls file\ with\ spaces
ls file\ with\ spaces
ls "file with spaces"
export $A_SPACE=" " # or setenv A_SPACE " "
ls ${A_SPACE}${A_SPACE}${A_SPACE}file\ with\ spaces${A_SPACE}${A_SPACE}

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  • Panther Maintenance Tips
    2003-12-23 08:11:36  cselkirk [View]

    Sorry .. that should read:
    export A_SPACE=" "

    (and some of the other "spaces" were cut by whatever parses the text area .. still the last example should be clear enough).