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Subject:   Blacking a tape?
Date:   2003-12-23 07:08:17
From:   DerekVadala
Is this really necessary when working with digital video? I know why it's helpful to do when working with analog equipment, but it's unclear to me why it's so important when working with digital media that can export via firewire, for example. In fact, it seems like having different takes start at zero would make organization and batch importing easier. What am I missing?
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  • Blacking a tape?
    2004-04-18 12:35:52  PBJay [View]

    If you use Final cut pro 3.0., it freaks out on you. It doesn't understand how a tape can have the same timecode twice(or more)
    Blacking your tapes automatically doubles the amount of wear on your recording mechanism. If you only go through 5 tapes a year, it's no big woop, but I've already gone through 10 tapes and we're only in april.
    Regardless, I don't black my tapes because my cam has a "end search" option, and finds the last recorded frame. No more timecode breaks.