Sony Ericsson T610 Camera Phone Review
Subject:   signal issues?
Date:   2003-12-22 23:36:29
From:   toddogas
Response to: signal issues?

While writing the review I searched around for comments about the T610. I read a couple of comments about the supposed weakness of the T610's ability to obtain and hold a signal. However, I did not notice this as a special problem during the three weeks I spent testing the phone. It didn't significantly better or worse than other GSM phones I've tried with the T-Mobile service...todd
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  • signal issues
    2003-12-23 07:07:51  anonymous2 [View]

    As a user of the Sony Ericsson T610. I have found that it does have problems holding a signal. This is howver very infrequent. I mived from the Nokia 8310 to this handset as part of a free upgrade on my t-mobile contact. On the whole i prefer this phone the navigation is just a simple and it has all of the features. The camera works well in sufficient light, and it looks sexy ! The signal problem it isn't major it happens now and again for maybe five seconds.
    • signal issues
      2004-01-16 15:56:48  anonymous2 [View]

      I've used this phone for 3 weeks now, it gets a signal roughly 50% of the time on the ATT network. I can set it on my desk and the signal will switch from full to nothing every ten minutes or so. My old panasonic with an external antenna never lost signal in this neighborhood. I'm taking it back tomorrow. As much as I like everything else, it's piece of shit soley because of the weak antenna.
    • signal issues
      2004-06-16 11:21:59  sam22277 [View]

      The signal problems are quite serious. I had a siemens c35i(quite outdated) but it showed me a signal level at 3/5 bars at my workplace. The t610 shows a maximum of 1/5 and often looses connection. And worse, when it looses connection, it does not retry to get connected again, even when you take the phone to place with stronger signals. A network search has to be launched manually or to turn it off and start again(remember windows?!).
      I'm stuck with this t610 as the shop wont take it back! Does anybody have a remedy for this?