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  Building a Simple Search Engine with PHP
Subject:   RE: multiple keywords
Date:   2003-12-22 17:59:54
From:   anonymous2
Response to: RE: multiple keywords

Thank you Daniel.

I have been looking at your link above, but have no luck in seeing this through. First of all, I still do not understand the FULLTEXT context. And how I would alter the table to incorporate such feature, then bringing it to the Search.php section.

I hope you can help me here.

Best regards,

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  • RE: multiple keywords
    2004-09-21 10:57:36  cityslicker [View]

    Hi All,

    Thanks for the code - it is great.

    Just inform you of my edits and how I used multiple keywords.

    1st of all - I put the keyword extraction script in a function.

    I would use it to list titles and keywords of pages as well as main body text. I call the function 3 times for words in a title, twice for keywords and once for main body text. This is a way of scoring a page.

    E.g. when a search is done on 'business' and a page title has the word 'business' in it will show 3 occurrences (although I dont show occurrences I just use the score to order the list)

    2. Multiple keywords.

    Basically, I use the explode() function to get an array or keywords and loop through them applying them to the query. I keep the scores for each word and add them together before displaying the list by highest score.


    /* Get timestamp before executing the query: */
    $start_time = getmicrotime();

    $keyword_array = explode(" ", $_GET['keyword']);

    $score = array();
    foreach($keyword_array as $keyword)

    /* Set $keyword and $results, and use addslashes() to
    * minimize the risk of executing unwanted SQL commands: */

    /* Execute the query that performs the actual search in the DB: */
    $result = mysql_query(" SELECT p.page_title AS title,
    COUNT(*) AS occurrences
    FROM pages p, word w, occurrence o
    WHERE p.pageID = o.page_id AND
    w.word_id = o.word_id AND
    w.word_word = \"$keyword\"
    GROUP BY p.pageID
    ORDER BY occurrences DESC
    LIMIT 0, 5" );

    for( $i = 1; $row = mysql_fetch_array($result); $i++ )

    $score[$row['title']] += $row['occurrences']; //Array of scores


    if(count($score) > 0)
    arsort($score); //Reverse sort the associative array scores by highest

    /* Get timestamp when the query is finished: */
    $end_time = getmicrotime();

    /* Present the search-results: */
    print "<h2>Search results for '".$_GET['keyword']."':</h2>\n";
    //Loop through array and display results

    while ($element = each($score)) //Loop through array and output results

    echo $element[ "key" ];
    echo " - ";
    echo $element[ "value"];
    echo "


    /* Present how long it took the execute the query: */
    print "query executed in ".(substr($end_time-$start_time,0,5))." seconds.";

    //Display a no pages found page


    // END CODE

    This works fine but is a little slower if the user wants to search for a sentence. All in all, it is an easy add-on to the already supplied code that provides multiple keyword searching.

    Hope this helps someone!