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  Building a Simple Search Engine with PHP
Subject:   RE: multiple keywords
Date:   2003-12-22 01:57:16
From:   dsolin
Response to: multiple keywords

Hi Sean,

As pointed out by a previous poster, the easiest way to implement multiple keyword searching would probably be to use MySQL's Full-text Search. Detailed information about this feature can be found at:


You will need to rewrite the example program used in the article for it to use Full-text Search, but that should be quite simple to do.

Good luck!


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  • RE: multiple keywords
    2003-12-22 17:59:54  anonymous2 [View]

    Thank you Daniel.

    I have been looking at your link above, but have no luck in seeing this through. First of all, I still do not understand the FULLTEXT context. And how I would alter the table to incorporate such feature, then bringing it to the Search.php section.

    I hope you can help me here.

    Best regards,