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  Dynamically Creating PDFs in a Web Application
Subject:   Problem when multiple PDF are to be generated
Date:   2003-12-17 21:06:27
From:   anonymous2
we faced a problem while generating multiple PDFs.
brief description:
WE had 2 pop up and each had a print icon so that we can generate PDF if clicked.
IT works fine when the individual Pop ups are open and individual PDf need to be generated.
But when we try to generate multiple PDF of the two available popups, the data is interchanged at some point and the PDFs are generated with the Pop up data that was last clicked.
Why this happens?
ANy solutions for this?
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  • Problem when multiple PDF are to be generated
    2004-04-21 11:24:52  Retric [View]

    Sounds like the your messing up the data. Cut out the PDF stuff and see if it still show's up. My guess would be your storing the sestion information in the same place for both windows or your have a cash of the data that will be printed to the PDF and it's being overwritten when your creating the other popup window.

    PS: just a guess I figure it's fixed now but just wondering if I am wright.
  • Problem when multiple PDF are to be generated
    2003-12-28 09:00:11  anonymous2 [View]

    Are you creating PDF files on the serve filesystem?

    Or do you create the PDF's in memory using the ByteArrayOutputStream?