Common Style Mistakes, Part 1
Subject:   Tip 2 Not Really a Problem
Date:   2003-12-14 23:39:40
From:   anonymous2
I would argue that a reasonable programmer would be able to understand your example. Sure, make your code clean and readable using blank lines, indents and so on. Perhaps you don't need to use the ternary operator either in your first example, but any programmer worth his / her salt should be able to read this.

If not, then try a different vocation / hobby.

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  • Tip 2 Not Really a Problem
    2005-01-29 09:36:52  blueeyedmick [View]

    I'm glad I don't work with/for you. You obviously have no concern about wasting another person's time in order to save a few keystrokes.

    The key here isn't "can I figure out this tangled mess of code (because I rule as a hacker!)", but rather "can I make this so the next guy can figure it out without any effort at all". Wasting others' time is a sin most companies will punish you for.