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Subject:   I research online and purchase from brick and mortar
Date:   2003-12-14 11:28:29
From:   anonymous2
I find I do my research online, and then I go to a Brick and Mortar store to see what I am planning on buying, and complete the sale. I find that avoiding shipping costs and getting the book I want NOW makes online shopping less attractive.
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  • I research online and purchase from brick and mortar
    2003-12-31 01:24:21  jwenting [View]

    I often do that too IF there is a local (within reasonable distance) store where they will have it in stock or can get it quickly (more quickly that is than I could get it shipped from for example Amazon).
    Problem is the nearest English language and computer specialised bookstores are over an hour away from where I live by train and bus (or similar by car) and the trip over and back would cost me more than Amazon charges in shipping fees...