Understanding JAXB: Java Binding Customization
Subject:   Is JAXB fully XMLschema compliant
Date:   2003-12-13 18:41:08
From:   hashimisayed
Response to: Is JAXB fully XMLschema compliant

1) The specification says that it only mandates support for a subset of the W3C Schema language.
2) The only tool that comes to mind the maybe be fully compliant is XMLSpy.
I am not sure if these types of tools can comply fully and still produce bindings that are somewhat useful. For example, one of the difficulties these tools run into at the start is to formulate an algorithm that can generate a java identifier name from an xml name. This tends to be a complicated problem because xml names are not as restrictive as java identifier names. That's just one example. In the end, they tend to reduce the problem space a bit by taking some short cuts here and there.
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  • Is JAXB fully XMLschema compliant
    2004-06-29 13:06:46  EdTGuy [View]

    I am currently attempting to use the Sun reference implemenation of JAXB to process a large, complex schema consisting of three files: a core industry standard file, a company-specific redefinition of certain types within the industry-standard file, and a third company-specific file that defines additional elements. The most obvious unsupported feature is the <redefine> tag. The second is caused by the sheer size of the industry schema (over 1 meg) - the parser runs out of memory trying to process it. To work around these issues, I have written xslt transformation templates to extract only a sub-set of the schema, and merge the industry-standard section with the company-specific redefintions. This works, but I still wind up with over 4,000 java files, which when put in a jar file, exceeds 11Mb!

    If anyone knows of a more efficient JAXB-compliant implementation, please let me know.