Ten Things I Dig About Xcode
Subject:   it's a shame...that you are a moron.
Date:   2003-12-06 08:54:18
From:   anonymous2
Response to: it's a shame..

C, C++, and Objective C are not proprietary languages. Java's APIs are no more free or open than Win32 or Cocoa. GnuStep is a free implementation of Cocoa/NextStep; WINE is a free implementation of Win32. Have the GNU folks gotten around to building a free implementation of Swing yet? JDBC? JNDI?

Enough with the self-righteous, anti-proprietary posturing. You act as if you're interested in libré, but all you really want is free beer, perhaps cross platform free beer.

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  • it's a shame...that you are a moron.
    2004-01-02 16:28:01  anonymous2 [View]

    I agree no one would right a quality OS X application using Java & Swing. They lack the performance or feel of a native app OS X Cocoa app. Take one look at the Java API source and you will see it's a complete hack with it's heavyweight and lightweight peer scheme.

    I have developed a comercial quality application with Xcode/ObjC/Cocoa. XCode and Cocoa deliver.

  • it's a shame...that you are a moron.
    2004-02-28 13:45:44  heljen [View]

    It takes a moron to call someone a moron.

    There's no royalty fee on using Swing or JDBC. And do you even know what JNDI is?

    Sun does charge a license fee for their application server though.

    If you're a diehard C or C++ evangelist then I forgive your ignorance. If not, please inform yourself before going hemroid about it.