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  What I Hate About Your Programming Language
Subject:   It has never let me down... FOXPRO (VFP)
Date:   2003-12-02 08:40:10
From:   anonymous2
Response to: It has never let me down... FOXPRO (VFP)

I python, perl, plain C and VFP. VFP is a joy to code. Except for python, I have found nothing superior in the "open source" world except for python. But python is a language when vfp is a full dev. environment. MS VFP team, continue the good work.
On my dream wishlist a "dev. environment" by "good old borland" at the driving seat, python as language and wxwindows as gui.
Only dreaming:)
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  • It has never let me down... FOXPRO (VFP)
    2008-09-22 08:26:40  JeremyMilarsky [View]

    Can anybody tell me WHY you guys like Foxpro so much ... Coming from a Ruby/Python/SQL backgroun and having inherited a giant database library built off of Foxpro and its DBF files, I am seriously struggling. What, if any tutorials are out there? Why don't DELETE queries work like in normal SQL? What is this Exclusive/Shared nonsense? Where is there a glob-like object to help me interate through a bunch of DBF files in a single directory? I am really trying to keep an open mind here, but it's honestly hard to loathe this piece of software.