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  Two Servlet Filters Every Web Application Should Have
Subject:   Source code?
Date:   2003-12-02 02:43:17
From:   knuterik
Response to: MAJOR bug in compression filter for non-US webapps

Have you also posted the source code anywhere?

It would be nice to see exactly what you did and how.
Also, I would like to change the output (System.out.println....) to instead use a logging framework etc.
- Then, I would like to try these filters again in my webapps ;-)

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  • Source code?
    2003-12-03 17:01:57  jfalkner [View]

    Oops, about using a logging framework. That is an excellent idea. In the book this topic is explained at length, and examples are provided for using the java.util.logging API with a web application. The only reason these examples don't use the java.util.logging package is because the filters are meant to be as simple as possible -- the focus is on understanding caching and compression, not logging ;)
  • Source code?
    2003-12-03 16:58:41  jfalkner [View]

    Yes, the source-code for my entire book and the entire book support website is available at http://www.jspbook.com. You can always grab a copy of the current source-code by browsing directly to http://www.jspbook.com/jspbook.war.

    The source-code is with the rest of the book's source-code. You'll have to browse to the WEB-INF/classes/com/jspbook directory to find the ".java" files you would be interested in.