Introducing REBOL with Amazingly Easy GUI Programming
Subject:   Power of Rebol
Date:   2003-12-01 03:31:35
From:   anonymous2
This article shows the power of Rebol.
However the solution as presented works only with non authenticated smtp.
The standard Rebol function 'send' for sending email does not support authentication. If the email server requires authentication (as it should) to send email then the function 'esend' must be used. 'esend' can be found on the Rebol library site

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  • Power of Rebol
    2003-12-01 08:57:06  gregg-irwin [View]

    Excellent point! The script library is a great resource. While it would add to the size of what you send out, you could include the source code from esend.r very easily in your message. I think it might also use esmtp.r (by the same author, Scott Jones), so you're looking at an extra 12K of code or so; unless we can convince RT to include Scott's changes, which only add a few lines to the standard SMTP scheme.