Introduction to Socket Programming with PHP
Subject:   One char only
Date:   2003-11-29 10:55:00
From:   anonymous2
Thank you for the useful article.
On Windows XP, PHP 4.3.3, when I connect with telnet (windows native) I can write only a character and then the connetcion will close...why?

Thx for the answer...

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  • One char only
    2004-01-27 00:25:39  yamakazi [View]

    On a post reads:
    'Be carefull, with PHP 4.3.x on Windows, the socket_read function does not works. (bug post on 12/26/2002...)'

    I had the same problem as you and this guy is right. I wrote a socket programm and tested it on Windows and it didn't work. I tried the same script on Debian and it worked fine.