Java vs. .NET Security, Part 1
Subject:   Very Nice Comparision
Date:   2003-11-28 06:09:30
From:   anonymous2
For an impassoioned Comparision i would recommend your article. It is one of the VERY few objective comparisions which are actually useful.
It is very difficult at this juncture to say that .NET is better or JAVA is better.
JAVA/J2EE are established and solid environment. Will they be able to hold out against DOT NET? Only Time will tell.
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  • Very Nice Comparision
    2003-11-28 17:57:38  anonymous2 [View]

    Unfortunately, .NET tends to mesh with Windows OS more and more as time goes, so it's now hard to draw a line where OS stops and .NET starts. Unfortunately - because initially MSFT was really promising to deviate from its normal practice of complete proprieteness...