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Subject:   "Theft" feedback
Date:   2003-11-27 00:55:47
From:   anonymous2
Response to: "Theft" feedback

1) That's a lot of extra work for comic creators, don't you think?

2) Unfortunately your suggestion does not incorporate the current way banner ads are sold and counted.

3) It's far easier for everyone JUST TO USE A BOOKMARK.

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  • "Theft" feedback
    2003-11-27 07:28:43  hejazzman [View]

    1) No, comic creators won't have to do a thing.
    The only thing needed is a simple join of two images, the banner and the comic panel. Trivial, and it can also be automated.

    2) The comic + banner can be the link to ad.doubleclick.net or wherever. It is also trivial to write a servet or something to automatically produce the bundled image from a banner and a comic image.

Showing messages 1 through 1 of 1.