Ten Things I Dig About Xcode
Subject:   it's a shame..
Date:   2003-11-26 17:27:39
From:   anonymous2
from the point of view a java programmer, it's interesting to note that project builder's achilles heel was its lack of code completion.

i was going to say that i was a fool to think that code completion would work this time (java). but now that i think of it, i wasn't a fool; i was simply lied to.

not only was the product renamed, hyped, but it advertised code completion!

having read the discussion threads to this article, i now realize that of all features, code completion is not even addressed for java programming (and care must have been taken to hide this information (side note: i'd rather be told it not work than be lied to)).

what exactly does this say about this "xcode" product? my conclusion is that java developers should not hang their hopes (and waste their time) on ide's with the apple brand, unless they submit to writing proprietary code.

well, at least there's a java runtime on this os.

i should have listened to uncle bob when he said: get either of these two ide's: intellij idea or eclipse

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  • it's a shame...that you are a moron.
    2003-12-06 08:54:18  anonymous2 [View]

    C, C++, and Objective C are not proprietary languages. Java's APIs are no more free or open than Win32 or Cocoa. GnuStep is a free implementation of Cocoa/NextStep; WINE is a free implementation of Win32. Have the GNU folks gotten around to building a free implementation of Swing yet? JDBC? JNDI?

    Enough with the self-righteous, anti-proprietary posturing. You act as if you're interested in libré, but all you really want is free beer, perhaps cross platform free beer.
    • it's a shame...that you are a moron.
      2004-02-28 13:45:44  heljen [View]

      It takes a moron to call someone a moron.

      There's no royalty fee on using Swing or JDBC. And do you even know what JNDI is?

      Sun does charge a license fee for their application server though.

      If you're a diehard C or C++ evangelist then I forgive your ignorance. If not, please inform yourself before going hemroid about it.
    • it's a shame...that you are a moron.
      2004-01-02 16:28:01  anonymous2 [View]

      I agree no one would right a quality OS X application using Java & Swing. They lack the performance or feel of a native app OS X Cocoa app. Take one look at the Java API source and you will see it's a complete hack with it's heavyweight and lightweight peer scheme.

      I have developed a comercial quality application with Xcode/ObjC/Cocoa. XCode and Cocoa deliver.