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Subject:   Anyone else seen problems with X11?
Date:   2003-11-26 11:35:31
From:   F.J.
Response to: Anyone else seen problems with X11?

Hi !

Updating the prebinding should not raise issues on your computer since it does not change the contents of preferences or applications files...

I perform this step quite often on my or other Macs and never experienced an issue with it. Therefore, chances are that the crash was related to another issue, already existing before the prebinding was performed...

You may want to perform the other tasks, just in case.

Would you have seen error messages stating that some files could not be prebound, you should not have to worry. Indeed, the update_prebinding command cannot prebind every file on your hard drive for various reasons.

It is difficult to troubleshoot the issue you are experiencing with so few details. You may however want to remove the X11-related cache and preferences files, in order to make sure that no corrupted file could prevent it from running.

Also, Console messages may be helpful and should give you a good indication of what went wrong.


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  • Anyone else seen problems with X11?
    2003-12-16 09:49:24  barryhawkins [View]

    My apologies. It turned out that I had messed up my X11 by adding an .Xdefaults and an .xinitrc to my home directory. Great article; I use this regularly now.
    • Anyone else seen problems with X11?
      2005-04-19 12:55:27  Mac_techy [View]

      ...the .xinitrc file tells X11 what to start when you start it up. You may know this, but you can run Desktop Environments such as KDE and Gnome, and also Enlightenment Window Manager by editing the .xinitrc file. First you need the fink installation of KDE (or whatever environment you want).

      however you may want to add to your .xinitrc file (pico ~/.xinitrc) . /sw/bin/sh (errr... i think that is right.... i would double check that line)

      This points X11 to the appropriate path of where binaries are installed (e.g. lynx, mail, and nmap (if applicable).