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Subject:   Dual g5 would not reboot
Date:   2003-11-23 03:39:14
From:   anonymous2
Followed all the procedures to the letter in the order given. After running the prebinding instructions my g5 crashed on the reboot. I shut it down using the power button and restarted. All appears well. Just wondering what I mght have done wrong? Any suggestions?
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  • Dual g5 would not reboot
    2003-11-23 09:48:29  anonymous2 [View]

    I've had similar problems on a frequent basis with both my TiBook and my desktop G4.

    Why should restart and shutdown cause such a problem?
  • FJ de Kermadec photo Dual G5 would not reboot
    2003-11-23 04:01:41  FJ de Kermadec | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Hi !

    Ooops ! I am sorry to hear that !

    Updating the prebinding should not raise issues on your computer since it does not change the contents of preferences or applications files...

    I perform this step quite often on my or other Macs and never experienced an issue with it. Therefore, chances are that the crash was related to another issue, already existing before the prebinding was performed...

    You may want to perform the other tasks, just in case.