JPEG2000: the Killer Image File Format for Lossless Storage
Subject:   PNG?
Date:   2003-11-22 03:06:38
From:   rjimlad
How does lossless JPEG2000 compare to PNG in terms of compression? As far as I was aware, PNG acheives a rather good (lossless) compression ratio, and is rather more widely-supported than JPEG2000. PNG ( also supports alpha channels (but not layers).
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  • PNG?
    2003-11-22 14:17:40  anonymous2 [View]

    I was kind of shocked PNG wasn't mentioned either. I mean, it's only been around since 1995, and version 1.1 barely came out in 1998, so maybe people still haven't heard of it yet. But someone doing an article on lossless image compression would either be negligent, or naive, or perhaps even malicious to not at least give PNG a mention. It makes you wonder...