VBScript or Perl?
Subject:   Python
Date:   2003-11-19 20:22:57
Response to: Python

I wondered if someone might ask why I left out Python :-) It is also a viable option (as is a few other languages). But I see even fewer Windows Sys Admins using it. If you have a Python background and need to write scripts for the Windows environment, then you probably shouldn't look at anything else. You can accomplish pretty much the same things with Python as you can Perl on Windows. But I still prefer Perl :-)

A good follow-on question to this article is Perl or Python? (in the Windows environment) If you knew both, would one be better than another?

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    2003-12-02 12:20:45  gjansen [View]

    The interactive environment now supported by ActiveState is perhaps the best reason to go with Python in the Windows environment. (Certainly it compares favorably with running perl -e from a prompt). The COM interface is very straightforward to use, and wxWindows makes it easy to put up a good-looking GUI.

    I still find that I use Perl almost exclusively in the Unix environment, simply because I had several years of Perl experience before I ever took up Python.