Building an Advanced Mail Server
Subject:   unable to read /etc/tcp.pop3.cdb
Date:   2003-11-18 07:25:15
From:   anonymous2
I did all of the above with no problems except nothing seems to work. Qmail is running but when I do ps -ax I get somewhere along the way...

"readproctitle service errors: ..............."

But all the supervise scripts seem to be running.

I check my logs and get...

"Unable to read /etc/tcp.pop3.cdb: File does not exist"

And sure enough, it doesn't. Also, the /etc/tcp/smtp.cdb doesn't exist either. So I suspect it's a tcpserver issue but I don't know how to fix/troubleshoot it. Any ideas?

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  • unable to read /etc/tcp.pop3.cdb
    2003-11-29 10:32:57  anonymous2 [View]

    copy your /etc/tcp.smtp to /etc/tcp.pop3

    and run:

    tcprules /etc/tcp/pop3.cdb tcp.pop3.tmp
    But there is also a problem qmail-pop3d.c which I just found the fix for see: