JSP 2.0: The New Deal, Part 1
Subject:   Correction?
Date:   2003-11-18 07:20:20
From:   anonymous2
You say:
"EL expressions can be used to assign values to any standard or custom JSP action attributes marked as accepting a dynamic value (or request-time attribute value, as it's formally called):

<c:out value="${order.amount + 5}"/>"

But is there any assignment going on here, or just output? Shouldn't it be:

<c:set var="amtPlus5" value="${order.amount + 5}"/>

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  • Correction?
    2003-11-20 09:53:52  Hans Bergsten | O'Reilly Author [View]

    Sorry if I used the term "assignment" in a confusing way here.

    What I mean is "element attribute assignment", not "variable assignment", i.e., the "value" attribute is assigned the evaluation result of the EL expression in the quoted example.

    Is that clearer?
    • Correction?
      2003-11-21 06:16:10  anonymous2 [View]

      It certainly is clearer, thanks. The rest of the article was really informative and helpful. The new features of JSP 2.0 are just what we were looking for. I'm looking forward to reading your part 2. Thanks!