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  Looking into Zend Studio 3.0
Subject:   Used on Mac OS X
Date:   2003-11-14 04:48:56
From:   jmhowitt
I recently moved from Windows to Mac so am looking for a Homesite replacement . Zend is pretty good as described but i have two primary niggles.

Keys. These are a mixture of Max and Windows. So sometime you are using the Apple Command Key + another key but sometimes the Ctrl Key + another. This got very confusing. Cut / Paste is Command + C or V but save is Crtl + S ican copt with them being all one or all the other but the mix was irritating.

The second was the snippets folder. In HomeSite i have built up a whole block of short cuts and ... well snippets! Speeds me up no end but i couldn't find anything like it in Studio.

Have reverted to Dreamweaver in 'HomeSite' mode.

The things i liked were as in the main article but i especially liked the error reporting.

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  • Used on Mac OS X
    2003-12-20 03:37:28  tve1 [View]

    Well as mention elsewhere on this page you are perfectly capable of creating your own shortcuts.

    I will be creating - when my time permits it - a complete Macintized version of the shortcuts. In general CTRL will be replaced with CMD (or META as I have found it to be called in the *NIX world)

    I have also changed the runExplorer.sh script to a generic one letting you preview the code in the OS' default browser in stead of the hardcoded IE :-)