Panther Internet Sharing
Subject:   Panther and XP
Date:   2003-11-12 07:50:18
From:   anonymous2
Now, I'm wondering if anyone knows whether or not XP's IP over Firewire implementation is compatible with OS X's.

I'd love to have a 400Mb/s connection between my XP based Home Theater and my Mac Desktop.

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  • Panther and XP
    2003-11-18 05:25:44  anonymous2 [View]

    Hi Wei,
    I sent a reply to your hotmail acount before I saw this.

    The main problem I have with networking at the moment is that my ISP broadband provider changes the IP address of my MAC OSX machine from a number starting to a number starting This prevents the Windows machines from seeing the Mac machine and vice-versa. Is ther a way around this?
  • Wei-Meng Lee photo Panther and XP
    2003-11-12 08:27:54  Wei-Meng Lee | O'Reilly Author [View]

    Yes. Once you connect your Mac to your PC, restart your Mac. On your Mac, you can connect to the PC shared folder via Connect to Server... and use SMB://PC_NAME

    You can even share your internet connection with your PC using the techniques discussed in this article.

    Reconnect the cable if you have connection problems.

    • Panther and XP
      2004-09-28 23:32:50  Scope [View]

      I'm having trouble making this work form Max OSX to WinXP

      I am able to transfer files via ftp that i found here:

      but how i am able to make the connection FROM the pc accessible from the mac via firewire?