Shooting the Windows Messenger Service
Subject:   Router
Date:   2003-11-12 06:20:14
From:   anonymous2
How did the message get through your linksys router in the first place? I thought that by default all unrequested traffic coming into the router went to the great bit bucket in the sky. Unless you purposely set the router to send all incoming traffic to a specific computer, which seems like asking for trouble.

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  • Preston Gralla photo Router
    2003-11-12 08:08:56  Preston Gralla | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    My linksys doesn't reject all unrequested traffic; if I want to block traffic on specific ports, I have to go in and tell the router to block it. I was surprised that the pop-up made it through, though, because the router uses NAT, and the pop-up appeared on just the one laptop, and no other PCs on my network. Perhaps when the pop-up was sent to the router's IP address, it would have been sent to every PC on the network -- but I had already turned off the Messenger Service on every PC except the new laptop (others had been getting the pop-ups until I turned off the service on them), and so it made it through only to the laptop.