Adding Movies to Your Web Page
Subject:   More info about straeming audio server software
Date:   2003-11-11 10:10:58
From:   anonymous2
Hi, I've read your article on streaming video and embedding video into a web page but I need to set up a website that makes use of streaming video, so I'd like to read up on how to set up streaming video on a server. PS Does the streaming video file get loaded onto the client's PC? I don't want this to happen for my customer's security benefit (to avoid coping), if this is the case do I have any alternatives? Please help, thanx
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  • More info about straeming audio server software
    2003-12-02 18:01:34  anonymous2 [View]

    When you install the actual commercial streaming software on your server (whether you go with Real, WindowsMedia, or Quicktime), the file does NOT get transferred to the users' machines. However, simply putting a streaming media file on an ordinary server does not offer this security.