Rendezvous Picture Transfer with Panther
Subject:   Works with SanDisk ImageMate reader too
Date:   2003-11-10 20:57:20
From:   anonymous2
Although you can't use it as a SpyCam, ImageCapture recognizes and shares CF cards formatted to contain pictures.

At first I tried just dragging some pictures to the CF card in Finder, but they never appeared in the browser. I took the card that was in my camera with a few pictures on it out and put that in the reader, and it worked like a champ. The pictures probably have to be in a folder that ImageCapture knows to look for.

Pretty cool!

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  • Derrick Story photo RE: Works with SanDisk ImageMate reader too
    2003-11-10 23:26:08  Derrick Story | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    I was wondering about that too, so I'm glad you posted your finding. So then I tried it using a CF card adapter in the PCMCIA slot of my TiBook. And it worked just as well. This is very useful because it means I don't have to drain my camera batteries to use Rendezvous picture sharing.

    Also, the same trick works with the card readers that work with the USB Mass Storage devices. Put a camera-formatted memory card in your Mac. Add a couple images from your hard drive to the card's picture folder. Eject the card. Reinsert it and turn on Image Capture sharing. The new images will appear in your Rendezvous browser.

    I would say that this is very cool.