Understanding Network I/O: From Spectator to Participant
Subject:   ***Warning*** Errors in Download Files
Date:   2003-11-07 09:32:16
From:   belotsky
This message is from the author of the article.

Unfortunately, a lot of mistakes have been
introduced into the download ".zip" archive during
production. There are several files that should never have been included.

I recommend that you just cut and paste (into a text editor) the code examples from the article.

If you still want to use the downloaded files, then please ignore all the "*.txt" files, and also

The remaining four files closely correspond to the code listings in the article, although the comments are slightly different. This code has been extensively tested by myself and others on a variety of platforms.

If you have any questions, let me know.


George Belotsky

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  • Scott Berkun photo ***Warning*** Errors in Download Files - Now Fixed
    2003-11-07 14:59:29  Scott Berkun | O'Reilly Author [View]


    I've replaced the .zip file with a new version from the author and also added a .tar.gz version.

    -sarah Producer