The PHP Scalability Myth
Subject:   I can't believe this
Date:   2003-11-05 12:56:35
From:   anonymous2
This whole mess indicates to me why I didn't get a CS degree and rather got an engineering degree. You use tools to solve problems. Almost all tools have their uses.

The fact that this degenerated into this "Java people" vs. "PHP people" is terrible. I hate reading such forums as this because I have to wade through this crap when for some reason I keep expecting an interesting discussion relevant technologies that I can use to solve problems and make money. Say something worthwhile or don't say it at all.

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  • I can't believe this
    2003-11-05 13:01:56  anonymous2 [View]

    in fact in this entire thread we can see the old arguments:

    C is better than Java
    Java people are idiots who get off on how cool Java is
    PHP is better than Java
    Java is too complex to use
    I've been in IT for 20 years and I know.....

    at least .NET didn't come up

    how many years will this go on?

    why do people say these things - it just reduces the value of any such forum
    • I can't believe this
      2003-11-17 16:38:13  anonymous2 [View]

      you are all rookies. you are all aguing about CPU cycles (someone mentioned C). CPU cycles is not the goal in scalability. is an opitimised assembler app serving a fictitious figure of 1000 pages at once scalable? no, because how do you then serve 2000?

      assume slow technology A cans server 100 pages at once. assume faster technology B servers 200 pages at once. A is given more overhead so that it can serve 50 pages simulaneously on seperate servers. A is run on 10 servers, thus serving 50 * 10 = 500 pages at once. A is more scalable than B.