Five More Annoying PC Annoyances
Subject:   great article!
Date:   2003-11-05 10:10:09
From:   clyde4s
Response to: great article!

I ran into that once - someone said that mail was deleting as soon as they looked at it. They had to get it handled as soon as they read it the first time, because it deleted as soon as they went to the next message.
What I found is that the client had their email client set to "View New Messages". Once I changed it back to "View All Messages" everything was still there. Of course, they "didn't do anything - it just happened by itself" ...
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  • It happened by itself...
    2003-11-05 10:35:48  anonymous2 [View]

    "it just happened by itself"

    Operator errors are amazing. Reminds me of the guy who wrote and asked why his new PS/2 mouse wouldn't work. Turns out he tried screwing it into the connection.

    BTW, I like your solution to the annoyance.

    Steve Bass
    PC Annoyances