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  Inside Samba: Windows Sharing for the Mac
Subject:   panther
Date:   2003-11-05 01:18:49
From:   anonymous2
what would be equivalent of "allow user to log in from windows" in panter. I guess I could allow the user to be administrator, but then I cant change their password.

I guess this is the reason for the account created for users of windows computer not being able to browse any of my shared folders beyond their own home area?

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  • Jason Deraleau photo panther
    2004-01-14 05:33:50  Jason Deraleau | O'Reilly Author [View]

    With Panther, this preference has been removed. All users can now authenticate from a Windows machine.
  • panther
    2004-01-13 20:56:25  anonymous2 [View]

    Yes, does Panther have any effect on the instructions in this article working? I'm trying to create a share on an OSX Panther Mac visible to a W2K machine. Thanks.
  • panther
    2003-12-13 13:00:41  anonymous2 [View]

    I'm having the same trouble....