Networking in Cocoa
Subject:   NSTableView double click action not responding.
Date:   2003-11-04 22:31:07
From:   anonymous2
[discoveredServicesList setTarget:self];
[discoveredServicesList setDoubleAction:@selector(openNewChatWindowAsChatInitiator:)];

Does anyone know why the above code does not cause openNewChatWindowAsChatInitiator: to execute when a row in the NSTableView *discoveredServicesList to execute?

Also, when the service is started/stopped, the NSTableView does not refresh, updating the values in its list. Any clues?

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  • NSTableView double click action not responding.
    2003-11-20 02:31:48  anonymous2 [View]

    Well, when I first did this double-clicking simply edited the row. I had to go in with IB and select the column of the NSTableView and uncheck the Editable box in the info window.