Introducing REBOL with Amazingly Easy GUI Programming
Subject:   Cool Language, but ?
Date:   2003-11-01 19:17:14
From:   gregg-irwin
Response to: Cool Language, but ?

If you guy View/Pro, /Command, or the SDK, you get a lot more than a "bare bones interpreter" IMO, but that is *my* opinion. I'd rather talk about software than free-versus-commercial issues though. :)

I have both Ruby and Python here, and they're good languages, no doubt. But neither has an integrated system for building GUIs, and I haven't found anything that is as simple to deploy as REBOL (two of the many reasons I like it so much).

I choose (and pay for) REBOL, even though there are free languages out there that I could use. And if you don't need to make system calls, you can use the free version(s) of REBOL. :)

Thanks for writing!

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  • Cool Language, but ?
    2003-11-06 06:58:47  anonymous2 [View]

    If you want to be able to deploy the ruby interpreter and deploy it like Rebol, just compile it staticly( ok, not an easy task, but it's doable ) against the libs and then, viola, just shove it anywhere in your system, Path it, and use it.