Confessions of the World's Largest Switcher
Subject:   I still don't get it
Date:   2003-10-31 00:35:31
From:   anonymous2
How can anyone make such a huge investment in hardware without 'test-driving' it first? Without seeing whether the machine has any problems? Whether the processor stands up to promises?
Maybe the most exciting part in this project is that it seems like no suits ever had a chance to glimpse at the plan - pure hacker power...
Still a gamble I don't understand.
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  • I still don't get it
    2003-11-01 05:08:07  anonymous2 [View]

    Money. Apple probably made an offer he couldn't refuse. They also probably promised full-time on site support and a really cheap replacement agreement for failed machines. In return Apple gets the ultimate in advertisement within the academic and scientific communities. The shock factor alone has people looking at Macs that would not have otherwise.
  • I still don't get it
    2003-10-31 11:35:04  anonymous2 [View]

    Oh, come on!!

    You don't seriously believe he didn't test drive the G5 when he did his little "visit" to Apple do you?!?

    The article simply states that he had never owned a Mac personally. Not that he'd never used one, nor even that no on involved in the project had used one.

    Get a grip on reality.
    • I still don't get it
      2003-11-18 04:33:48  anonymous2 [View]

      You people are such illiterate morons. You shouldn't be allowed near a computer.
  • confidence
    2003-10-31 05:22:41  anonymous2 [View]

    I know Srinidhi. He VERY smart. If he had any problems, he would have solved them. There are very few problems that connot be solved if you are willing to work very hard at solving them. So, he took the risk.
  • I still don't get it
    2003-10-31 05:13:03  anonymous2 [View]

    This is real world, most people in the world actually buy products w/o ever "test driving", ie. you want to try a new soda pop, you buy a can, you don't "test drive" before you buy.

    He didn't need to "test drive" because the equipment satisfied all of his design requirments. That is a true "low bid is good bid" a low bid is only good when you know your specifications that you want. If the product satisfies the specifications you desire, and the price you desire, then it is a good low bid. Often people look at the price, and fail to look at the specifications. Thus resulting in an acquisitions that people are not happy with.

    The good professor knew what he wanted, and knew how to achieve what he wanted. This is also the beauty of why a unix based OS X system. He didn't need to learn a new language.

  • I still don't get it
    2003-10-31 02:19:14  anonymous2 [View]

    I'm sure there was a warranty
  • I still don't get it
    2003-10-31 01:31:16  anonymous2 [View]

    Trust Apple. When PowerMac 6100, the first PPC Mac, was born, it was good and stable. Hardly see any problem.
    • I still don't get it
      2003-11-01 06:12:17  anonymous2 [View]

      Yeah, the last major example you can think of was in 1995. That relates well to the argument at hand. Cheap consumer hardware running an OS without protected memory and preemptive multitasking. You really made your point with that gem!
      • I still don't get it
        2003-11-14 11:38:58  anonymous2 [View]

        You know, I have a feeling you hane a hard time accepting the fact that Apple has been proven to build a stable reliable product compared to the Wintel. The hardware is one of the main reasons why. You seem like the person who always wants to do things the hard way. Ask why dosen't it work verses lets get one that works.

        In addition, if it wasn't for the Apple about 90% of the computer products you use today would cos you a lot more. Apple has always placed quality of product and the latest technology first on the consumer computer market. Examples: Appletalk (the first consumer computer network), the Newton (pda), SCSI Drives, USB, Firewire, Crossplatform compatability, the desktop interface (from Xerox), the first to use RISC processing in a personal computer, first to use a 3 1/2" floppy, first to use DVD in a factory built unit, first to install a DVD-R and DVD-RW Super drive, etc...etc...etc... Let's face it Wintel user should thank us cutting edgers for making the stuff so cheap for you who like to work.
        • I still don't get it
          2003-11-18 04:37:41  anonymous2 [View]

          FWIW, no self-respecting admin would permit AppleTalk. It's busy and designed by people outside the hum of the industry. Much like HFS+ and MFS before it.
          • I still don't get it
            2003-11-20 08:58:09  anonymous2 [View]

            FWIW, no self respecting Mac admin would still run AppleTalk, it's been passe almost as long as MFS. I don't get your point about HFS+, it's a superior filesystem when compared to NTFS and EXT2, the dominant systems of its time.
      • You all still don't get it
        2003-11-03 05:24:09  anonymous2 [View]

        Yeah, bash, bash.
        That helps!
        Maybe it's not so bad untill someone starts shouting 'Nuke 'm'!!!
        Very civilized, people!
      • I still don't get it
        2003-11-01 23:57:31  anonymous2 [View]

        No protected memory and preemptive multitasking?!... Obviously you overlooked the little fact that these machines are running Mac OS X 10.2.7... A system which has FreeBSD UNIX at its heart...

        Talking about gems... Your's is a very shiny one...
        • I still don't get it
          2003-11-18 04:40:00  anonymous2 [View]

          He was referring to your mention of the first Mac PPC, you pathetic moron.
      • I still don't get it
        2003-11-01 18:31:28  anonymous2 [View]

        Ok, I'm an engineer and I am designing and building a car. I am going to use a turbocharged Ecotec 2.2 from General Motors. I have never driven an Opel Speedster (the only GM product with a factory Ecotec Turbo), in fact I have never even seen one in person. I have driven a Saturn Ion and a Pontiac Sunfire (same engine, no turbo), but I know that the performance and handling are nothing like a speedster.

        At this point Mr.'I don't get it' is asking me if I have ever test driven my car that I haven't even got wheels for yet!

        It's called a custom application! I don't need to spend hundreds of hours in powerplant development. I don't need to spend thousands of dollars in custom manufacturing and machine work. Someone else has done that for me! GM has Ecotecs pushing over 800 horsepower demonstrating the stability and versitility of their new powerplant. If my parts locator calls me and says he has an engine for me, I'm not gonna ask him if he will take it back if I can't turn 9 second quarter mile times in my one of a kind prototype! WAKE UP YOU MORON!
        • I still don't get it
          2003-11-18 17:25:01  anonymous2 [View]

          sounded like you had half a brain till that moron comment.