Do-It-Yourself Access Point Hardware
Subject:   What about the software?
Date:   2003-10-30 07:49:56
From:   anonymous2
It would have been nice to have a couple of links to
software to configure the box as an AP.

As far as I know (at least in the Linux world), only "hostap" can do this, and it's only for Prism-based cards.

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  • What about the software?
    2003-11-01 22:01:08  rflicken [View]

    Oh come now, I can't be expected to give you everything online for free, can I? ;)

    There are a bunch of Host AP hacks available in the book, as well as one about HermesAP (the one you want to use if you've got an Orinoco card.)

    But for the record, here are the relevant links for HostAP and HermesAP.