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Subject:   The "working" developper ?
Date:   2003-10-28 01:03:02
From:   GerardM
With lead times like 2005, it does not mean much for a working developper. It means something when a product is tangible something that will be there within a period of up to three months anything, else may be for another project I will be working on but not for the current one and the one in the planning stages. It is simply not relevant as it would make me include migration trajects at extra cost to the current projects

Sure, O'Reilly has a role in informing the working developper. This includes learning about the alpha's betha's and what not. This is all to be ready to inform the working developper on working software.

The way Microsoft is hyping vapourware is in my opninion criminal; by getting attention for non existing products they steal attention from stuff that is here and now. This results in their current products and their competition getting less exposure than they deserve. If that means that there is no or little news from Microsoft, that they have little to show for their research investment, is their shame.


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  • The "working" developper ?
    2003-10-28 07:20:29  anonymous2 [View]

    It isn't vaporware, it's stuff under development now. You can get early releases if you are interested or ignore it if you are not. Grow up, linux whiner. .NET will assimilate you. You will comply!

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    • The "working" developper ?
      2003-10-28 10:39:07  GerardM [View]

      As the products in question are not available for production use they are irrelevant for now.

      Vapourware is software that may or may not arrive. The software in question will certainly not arrive as is (if only because of performance issues). That is OK for alpha/betha level software. For now, for the average developper it may be interesting for at home but not for at work.

      • The "working" developper ?
        2003-10-29 07:15:44  anonymous2 [View]

        Of course you can't use it for production. It is an alpha release. But here's a surprise, some folks WANT to work with alpha releases both to get ahead of the curve and to have input into the final product. It has worked for me. So just because you aren't going to jump on to Longhorn doesn't mean no one is. Finally, I don't get your comments about the software not arriving. This is Microsoft we are talking about. They are relentless and dominant. They will deliver and prevail. You may choose to shoehorn yourself into a niche, but most developers will not.
        • The "working" developper ?
          2003-10-29 14:10:50  GerardM [View]

          A working developper can cut his teath on Panther, Linux 2.6 that is here and now software. When a company pays my wages, I can defend researching these products because they allow me to say something defenite not something fuzzy about things that may materialize differently in a few years.

          If you answer that with "evereyone will have forgotten by then" you are properly right; nobody was sacked by buying Microsoft right? If you are in the kind of company where you can spend your time on tomorrows world, I fail to see how it earns todays crust.

          Yes, they are relentless and dominant. What does it make you? They will deliver and prevail, what will you? As to my niche, it pays my way.

          No need no to be anonymous :)
          • The "working" developper ?
            2003-10-30 09:39:21  anonymous2 [View]

            .NET is here now. Why not cut your teeth on a common technology instead of wasting time with snob niche products? You should learn VB or C# to ensure your future. Surely if its work you want it makes sense to keep up with what Microsoft is doing.
          • The "working" developper ?
            2003-10-30 05:28:15  anonymous2 [View]

            I'm currently doing development in a windows environment. My client is strictly Pro-windows. Good or bad, its not my choice(I do not want to get into Pro-Linux/Anti-MS argument). My role is architect. One of the main reasons that I'm getting paid is to make sure the lifetime of application is a long one. Therefore I need to know what MS is working on, their vision, their research, etc., regardless whether some of these technologies come to existence. Does this mean I start designing to these technologies now? No. But I have to take these things in consideration and transfer this knowledge to my client. When and if these new technologies come out, we will be prepared to estimate the value and to take action or no action.

            So while it may not be interesting or relevant to you, your client, or how do technology, its very relevant to me and my client. There is no way you can argue against that, its value is not one that can be universally determined.

            As for whether these things are vaporware, the only thing long term in the article is longhorn. The rest is coming very soon.

            - J
        • The "working" developper ?
          2003-10-29 11:01:13  anonymous2 [View]

          That's right!

          Remember how they delivered Microsoft Bob?
          • The "working" developper ?
            2003-10-30 09:36:21  anonymous2 [View]

            Yes, they did deliver Bob.

            Remember when '96 was going to be the breakthru year for linux on the desktop? And '97, and '98 ...