Control Your Mac from Afar
Subject:   deja vu!
Date:   2003-10-27 05:44:00
From:   d_vaught
MMM...seen that repeating VNC picture somewhere before (love the caption).
Anyone have a clue what I'm doing wrong?
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  • deja vu!
    2003-10-27 06:50:52  Harold Martin | [View]

    What do you want to know if you're doing wrong?

    • vu ja de!
      2003-10-27 12:39:16  d_vaught [View]

      In your article you included a picture at the bottom which looks exactly like what I got when trying to remotely login to my machine at work using osXVNC server and connectiong through an SSH tunnel using Chicken of the VNC...the one with the never-ending cascading windows.

      I basically want to get it to work, and write a script to somewhat automate the process. I know I tunneled in correctly, because I got that output, but I gots no idea on how to go on from there.

      Any suggestions and I'd be mighty obliged.

      • vu ja de!
        2003-10-28 14:01:45  Harold Martin | [View]

        You can create the cascading windows by running a VNC server and then on the same machine connecting to it with a VNC client.

        • vu ja de!
          2003-10-30 12:02:57  d_vaught [View]

          I see I didn't make myself absolutely clear. I am running as VNC server on my machine at work. When I try to connect to it through an SSH tunnel via my laptop I get the cascading windows.

          It would be infinitely more useful if I could actually control my machine at work instead of kicking back with a beer to watch my new cascading screensaver.

          In other words, any ideas what I must be doing wrong to get the cascading desktop from a remote machine?