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  Roll Over, Rollovers -- CSS Style
Subject:   css is cool vs. accessibility
Date:   2001-03-30 17:46:47
From:   mattduffy
very nice application of css, but not to useful in practice because of the obvious accessibility reasons. i hate to sound too much like jakob nielsen, but this little trick, nifty though it may be doesn't account for all those users still cranking away with pre 5.x browsers. if only we could use css like this, i would be one happy camper.


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  • css is cool vs. accessibility
    2003-05-03 00:29:09  anonymous2 [View]

    >users still cranking away with pre 5.x browsers.

    Forget them. You can run a 5.x browser on even quite an old machine, if you choose to. It's time to move forward, people.
  • css is cool vs. accessibility
    2003-07-30 10:53:42  anonymous2 [View]

    Check out http://www.onestat.com/html/aboutus_pressbox23.html
    They reported that less than 1.5% are using IE or NS 4 or older. Sounds like a very small part of the population to lose.

    Actual Numbers were:
    1. Microsoft IE 6.0 66.3%
    2. Microsoft IE 5.5 14.5%
    3. Microsoft IE 5.0 12.7%
    4. Mozilla 1.6%
    5. Microsoft IE 4.0 0.8%
    6. Netscape Navigator 4 0.6%
    7. Opera 6.0 0.6%